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Dual Drilling Consultants was founded in 2016 by a team passionate about performance drilling: Jason Richey, Jeremy Richey and Robert Brosig. Dual Drilling Consultants strives to be the premier, performance based drilling consulting firm in the Permian Basin. Dual was founded after years of Permian Basin drilling experience with a focus on continual optimization. Dual has worked with both large and small operators, but our specialty is small operators who utilize the complete Dual drilling package of both office and field personnel. 

Jason Richey
Founder and Partner

Jason began his oilfield career in 1995 as a floor hand working for a rig contractor in north Texas. He came from a family of hard working drilling hands. From the start, his goal was to be the best. Early in his career, Jason rose through the ranks rapidly from floorhand to motor man to derrickman to driller. It was his ambition and work ethic that set him apart. In only 5 years, he was pushing tools. Jason's rigs and crews operated at maximum performance levels, out-drilling everyone else. Rig contractors Jason worked for included Salmon Drilling, MND Drilling, Nabors, Jones Drilling, Patterson, Spa Drilling and Union Drilling. In 2006, Jason's continual high level of performance had set him apart to the point that operators realized he was a valuable asset. As a result, he made the move from working for drilling contractors to working for oil and gas operators. His first rig site supervision roles were with XTO Energy and EOG Resources in the Barnett drilling horizontal wells in the infancy of the Barnett boom. In only 4 years, Jason had again set himself apart as a top performer and was promoted to field superintendent for EOG Resources in 2010. As a superintendent, Jason's direct and driven leadership style helped him to push his drilling team to peak performance drilling the fastest and cheapest wells in EOG's Barnett history. EOG valued his proven performance to the point that Jason was promoted to Division Drilling Superintendent and transferred to the EOG Midland Division over their Permian Basin operations. With a can-do attitude and a strong drilling team behind him, Jason turned around the EOG Midland Division's drilling performance to make EOG one of the top-performing operators in the Permian Basin. In late 2016, Jason made the move to start Dual Drilling Consultants with his partners, Jeremy Richey and Robert Brosig. Dual kept a core team of drilling personnel together with a proven history of performing. Since forming Dual Drilling Consultants, Jason has worked on site and as a Drilling Superintendent for a number of operators to help them perform at the highest level and outperform major operators in the Permian Basin.  

Jeremy Richey
Founder and Partner

Jeremy began his oilfield career in 1999 as a floorhand for Jones Drilling in north Texas. Jeremy also came from the same hard working family of drilling hands as Jason and shared a strong determination to be the best. Before long, his performance and motivation helped elevate him to the position of a driller, leading a crew, in only one year. Jeremy and his drilling crew outperformed other rigs on every level and Jeremy's strong, lead-by-example leadership style made him a force to be reckoned with. In one more year Jeremy was again promoted to the position of toolpusher where he continued to develop rigs and crews into top performers for Spa Drilling and Union Drilling. Jeremy's success leading drilling operations to maximum performance levels forced operators to take notice. This performance opened the door to make the move from the rig contractors' side to the operators' side. In 2006, Jeremy began as drilling consultant working for operators like XTO Energy and EOG Resources in the Barnett Shale. At their peak, EOG had 22 drilling rigs operating in the Barnett Shale. Jeremy led his rig to becoming not only the fastest and most efficient EOG drilling rig in the Barnett but within the entire company at the time. Jeremy's performance led to him being recognized as a valuable operator asset. He was promoted to field superintendent and transferred with Jason to the EOG Permian Basin Division to be a part of the team to turn around EOG Permian drilling operations. Jeremy was an integral part in helping to make EOG a top drilling performer in the Permian Basin. With Jason and Robert, Jeremy left EOG in 2016 to start Dual Drilling Consultants. At Dual, Jeremy has led drilling teams to perform for operators with little to no drilling experience and has out-drilled offset operators with decades of experience. Based on available offset data, Jeremy has outperformed offset operators' drilling days (and likely drilling cost) every single time he has led a drilling operation at Dual. 

Robert Brosig
Founder and Partner

Robert grew up in Midland, TX in the heart of the oilfield. Robert pursued a degree from Texas Tech University in Petroleum Engineering and  graduated Magna Cum Laude. Robert has devoted his career to the Permian Basin and got his start with EOG Resources in the Midland Division as a Drilling Engineer. While at EOG, Robert provided engineering support for up to 3 rigs simultaneously drilling horizontal wells in the Avalon Shale, First Bone Spring, Second Bone Spring, Third Bone Spring and Wolfcamp formations. Robert continually strove to improve drilling operations and economics. Collaborating with his field team, Robert successfully designed and implemented the first 2 string casing for a Second Bone Spring well in Lea County, New Mexico and 2 string Wolfcamp well in Reeves County, Texas. Robert realized the benefit of working hand-in-hand with his field teams to reach levels of performance that can't be reached by office-dictated engineering. Robert has supervised drilling operations in both Texas and New Mexico and is familiar with working with both the Texas RRC and the New Mexico BLM. Robert utilized a strong, forward-thinking, engineering-driven mindset to continually seek new ways to drill more efficiently. In all his years in the Permian Basin, Robert has seen and overcome every drilling hazard imaginable from hole instability to lost circulation and more. This has led to a strong ability to avoid potential issues or the ability to quickly handle them if they arise. In 2016, Robert joined Jason and Jeremy in forming Dual Drilling Consultants. Robert provided the well planning, management and office support to the team to allow Dual to cover every aspect of drilling operations. Since being at Dual, Robert has planned wells and oversaw office operations on both short-term and long-term projects. Robert, with his field team, has taken operators from being uneconomical, non-performers to top performers out-drilling major operators. 

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