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Dual Drilling Consultants is a full-service drilling consulting firm capable of managing every part of your drilling operation. Drilling support for smaller operators, private equity startups and operators with no drilling staff is our specialty. Dual is a unique consulting firm that offers a strong team with effective collaboration between field and office personnel.

  • Assist with rig selection.

  • Manage all drilling and field operations. 

  • Oversee all rig activity.

  • Focus on optimizing drilling performance and avoiding drilling hazards. 

  • Manage all daily, rig site operations. 

  • Coordinate with all vendors and services. 

  • Focus on optimizing drilling performance and avoiding drilling hazards.

  • Communicate daily with engineering/office personnel while following well plan. 

  • Communicate opportunities for improvement. 

  • Put together well plans, using Dual's proven well designs, according to operators' needs.

  • Provide operator with a wellbore diagram, day curve and drilling procedure for their well. 

  • Write AFE's for expected well costs. 

  • Assist operator with vendor selection based on vendor performance.

  • Bid out services based on operators' needs.

  • Coordinate vendors and services for all drilling operations. 

  • Supervise drilling operations and ensure execution of well plan.

** Dual Drilling Consultants has no affiliation with any vendors or service providers. Vendor recommendations are strictly based on vendor performance and quality of products. **

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